Treesource is an online magazine that tells stories about the essential role of forests in all our lives whether you live in a city or rural community. 

 Treesource takes readers into the forests and the cities that rely on them for everything from building materials, recreation, biodiversity, fresh drinking water, carbon storage and renewable energy. They provide the contextual narratives, so often missing in daily journalism, by explaining why these complex and essential ecosystems are important to people’s everyday lives. They will show individuals and communities working together to live sustainably with the forest. Initially they will cover North America and then plan to go global.  I believe they will inform with accuracy, fairness, depth, and a passion for storytelling.  They also tell about interesting places to travel to see fascinating forests, scenery and wildlife.

 Surveys of people representing Environmental Champions and Influential Americans indicate 71% hadn’t read, seen or heard a news story about forests in the past year.  84% wanted to learn more. There isn’t currently an outlet of information, for lay people, dedicated to forests. I hope Treesource will help fill this need.

 Check out Treesource—Forest Journalism for a Sustainable Future at It has compelling original articles, photo essays, video and audio that demonstrate the important role of forests in all our lives. If you are interested you can sign up for free delivery to your inbox.