NAFSR John R. McGuire Award Recipients-body

John R. McGuire Award Recipients

NAFSR John R. McGuire Award Recipients-body

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*Note: The John R. McGuire award is not awarded every year, hence missing years, above.

Year:  2004

Presented to:  Members of the Oak Sustainability Group including Len Bollman, Deanna Flanders, Drew Atkinson, James Carmen, Charles Climer, Matthew Ferguson, Jennifer Peterson, Christina Welch, Jeffrey Taverner, Andrew Tsoodle, Lonnie O’Bryant, Cory Highfill, Carl Minehart, Jim Flanders, O.D. Hopper, Tim Jones and Trevor Ozier, Ozark-St. Francis N.F.

Citation:  For outstanding initiative, dedication and teamwork in confronting and managing an imminent natural resource catastrophe.  By moving quickly to raise awareness and gain broad public support, they developed methods for defeating the Red Oak Borer, thereby mitigating severe damage to the forest and greatly improving public safety.